Bill Paying

Bill Paying

We can handle all of your bill paying responsibilities. We use a smart system to captures all bills and sets them up for payment. Once approved by you, off they go. Done.

You've become a successful business owner and you're finally the one calling the shots. You are in control of your financial future but are constantly on the move and need to stay focused on business. That's where Ratafia & Company Inc comes in. As your trusted advisor, we'll manage and coordinate a personal team of experts for your entire financial portfolio including investments, financial planning, estate planning, and asset reporting. We'll show you how to budget your spending, save for the future, and minimize taxes.

You can count on us to suppress tax obligations and safeguard your wealth. We'll establish financial controls to track all the money going in and out of your accounts to be certain that funds are never missing or mishandled. Our goal is to keep you on the path to achieving your financial goals so you can live your life.

Personal Wealth Management

Call us at 917-373-2465 now or request a free consultation to learn more about how we can help preserve and protect your wealth. Our accounting firm works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and other high net worth individuals.

  • Personal bookkeeping
  • Bill-paying
  • Asset reporting and tracking
  • Investment advisory
  • Budgeting and cash management
  • Quarterly financial reporting
  • Establishing financial controls
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Wealth management and financial planning
  • Estate planning and trust administration