About Ratafia & Company Inc

As a career CPA, my clients outsource their accounting to me because it’s more economical than doing the work in-house. There is a deep level of trust, guidance and advisory which produces significant savings and efficiencies.

No learning curves|No labor turnover|No costly mistakes|No hassle

Ratafia & Company Inc was founded on the belief that every small business owner deserves accounting solutions that save time, save money, and make life easier. As your accounting firm, we promise to do the heavy lifting on the financial side of your business so you’re free to focus on running it. Our virtual bookkeeping services include real-time financial data in the cloud, QuickBooks support, and a friendly staff to answer all of your questions. Outsourcing your accounting to us is more economical than doing the work in-house and ensures that you avoid costly mistakes because your books are in the hands of qualified financial professionals.

Since 1993, we've had the privilege of working with many amazing clients. We invite you to become one of them. Call us at 917-373-2465 or request your free consultation online. 

Meet Margo Ratafia, CPA

 Margo Ratafia CPA


  • Culinary arts, especially confectionery treasures
  • Golf, especially good ball-striking
  • Periodic Netflix binging
  • Power coffee
  • Volunteering as a crisis counselor


  • Frizzy hair
  • Being too warm
  • Tiny dinners
  • Bot phone calls
  • Small closets

Heart & Soul:

Life is fun; but success is all about the details

Formal Stuff:

I received my BS degree in Accounting from SUNY Albany. I started my career at David Berdon & Company, CPAs. I worked there for a few years until I became controller at a major clothing manufacturer. Ok, enough with that stuff… The turning point was when I took a leap of faith and started my own firm. My mission was to help small businesses and their owners with a much more personal approach. Something that I saw lacking throughout my early career, and something that fit my personality.

So, for many years I ran a full-service CPA firm. Soup to nuts. Big clients, small clients. I know all phases of how business run, from start to stop, the good, the bad the ugly. I’ve seen it all. Best of all, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

But I wanted to go deeper and have greater impact on my clients’ operations. So, I further refined my services to outsourced CFO and bookkeeping to help smart business owners in a scalable way. My clients leave this critical part of their business to me, which frees up time and creative energies to grow their businesses. I am their sounding board and advisor. It’s simple, good books produce lower taxes and cost efficiencies.

I use state of the art technologies and communication. I take great pride in my craft and I work with select business owners who “get it.”

I service a broad range of industries including: Service, retail, technology and SaaS.<.p>