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From Personal Tax Clients
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Working with Ratafia & Company could not be easier. I have happily been a client over the past 5 years and the turn-around time for my taxes has been excellent. The communications and instructions are great. The office has been very good about providing reminders to submit information, giving updates as to the status of the process and instructing me what to do with the return once it has been completed. I am habitually late in providing my information, but Ratafia and its crew has been remarkable in preparing the tax returns quickly and without complaint. I have tremendous confidence in the firm and its expertise with my specific tax matters.
--James McGovern

Ease of tax preparation process was A++. Ratafia & Co is very organized and all communications are very clear, and concise which makes the experience painless. Everyone I've dealt with is readily available to answer any questions I have and have often gone out of their way to ensure things were taken care of on time. These feelings will keep me coming back year after year.
--Vishal Bharucha

The fact that I have been a client of Ratafia & Company for almost 15 years should speak volumes. My taxes are finished in 2 to 4 days, even 2 weeks before April 15th - great ! All communication is clear and professional. The trust factor is very high; they give me great comfort with my finances and tax matters.
--Joshua Cohen

I like the way they work. Their instructions are always clear to follow. For the past 12 years, Ratafia & Co has always maintained a professional approach with rapid turn around time for taxes and questions. I have strong confidence and trustworthiness in the Ratafia firm. I never had a problem with my taxes. I have been well taken care, better from other tax company I had worked with.
--Ana Jouvin

I've had nothing but good experiences over the past few years. I've been pretty amazed at the personal attention I've received from every member of the staff I've communicated with. The turnaround time is amazing. I can't imagine how it could be easier! I filed my paperwork later than usual this year because of a mix-up with my mortgage interest statement and I still got my returns in plenty of time to mail my payment. The checklist that you send is incredibly helpful and I always use it to make sure I'm sending everything needed to ensure a complete return. The instructions for filing were very clear and easy to follow, which is enormously helpful when working at a hectic job like I do. I have absolute confidence in your expertise and have recommended your firm to several colleagues and friends.
--Jimmy Tipton

I love working with you guys; I can't imagine anything better. --Client prefers anonymity I have a lot of confidence that Ratafia is doing everything they can to help me file an accurate return and based on comparisons with other tax preparers they were able to help me obtain a larger refund.
--Client prefers anonymity

I am a new client this year. Working with Ratafia & Company was quick, painless, and efficient. Everyone was very easy to contact, easy to speak with, informative and patient. Anytime I needed help, or had a question(s) there was almost no waiting time, which was extremely impressive seeing I am in Florida and they are in the New York. I was very satisfied, in fact recommendations they made to me have had an immediate impact on my taxes and finances.
--Diane J. Hughes

I come back every year because I am confident that the job is professionally done. My taxes are involved and I need peace of mind. The firm has always been available to me to answer any questions I have had. This year they were particularly helpful in giving a second opinion on my mother-in law's estate, at no charge, which was very gracious at a time when we were experiencing great stress.
--Jack Wheaton

When I moved to Los Angeles from New York, I had to find a new doctor, a new dentist and a new lawyer. One association I refused to leave behind was the one I've formed with Ratafia & Co, CPAs. Over the years, they've provided me with sound and effective advice, and have put me at ease when preparing my taxes. I've found the company to be professional, honest, efficient, and pleasant. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to work with real experts.
--Sarah O'Leary

Over the past 6 years, working with Ratafia & Company has been easy and relatively seamless. Communication has been top notch and responses from your office have been timely. I am very comfortable with your office's expertise and have recently recommended you to a client of mine.
--Client prefers anonymity

I am a new client this year and found the tax preparation experience VERY easy and quick. Loved it! I had absolutely no trouble with anything in the process. It really was streamlined and efficient. Looking forward to a long relationship.
--Lisa Abourezk

Your expertise and our confidence in your judgment are the reasons we have remained clients over the past 10 years. Questions are to the point, with good context. Emails are clear and replies are very prompt. Excellent delivery time and very easy to deal with the firm, a real pleasure.
--Vincent Grillo

As usual your firm is courteous, efficient and totally professional. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and all the members of your firm. You are always available and accommodating and I have always felt well cared for, thanks.
--Leonora F. Shapiro

I am a new client this year with Ratafia & Company and I was very happy with the quick turn-around time, and your office made everything very easy for me. Your communications were clear and I always received prompt responses to questions. My confidence is real high and will be higher especially when that refund check comes.
--Michael Torre

Your communication and instructions are superb - no possibility for confusion. You are very knowledgeable regarding stock options and complex tax returns. I always recommend your firm to anyone who asks.
--Client prefers anonymity

Ratafia for president!!
--Adam Jay Moskowitz

I am extremely happy with the level attention and preparation speed from your office. Very clear and concise communication plus if I do have a question, they are returned in a very timely manner. For the past 9 years I have been very confident using Ratafia and Company and would highly recommend them.
--Scott Gorman

For more than 10 years, your entire operation has always been completely available for questions with consistently quick feedback The turn-around time for my taxes is fantastic and the overall ease of the whole process was fantastic. All communications were in an extremely prompt manner with clear concise answers. I am completely comfortable with your expertise and trustworthiness. Excellent service!
--Howard Roman

Years ago, when I first came to Ratafia & Company I was concerned about a lien that had been placed on my salary by the IRS. The advice and assistance I received was on point and demonstrated a high level of expertise with respect to my specific tax situation. The successful resolution of my situation gave me great confidence in your firm, and that feeling remains unchanged all these years later.
--Richard Spooner

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