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From Business Clients
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Ratafia & Company is the most professional group I have ever worked with! You always manage to get things done on time despite me getting my paperwork to you late, each year, for the past 15 years. There are great communication skills throughout your firm - what is planned during the year is always what's expected during tax time with no surprises. Someone is always available to answer my questions and provide coverage for each other. I think it's a great model; it keeps us all on the same page and eliminates year end dreadful issues. I like the reminders with the due dates and like the HTML flyers that you mail out with the latest IRS code changes. Keep up the good work. I am still with your firm after 15 years - that should speak for itself!
--Joseph Sabbagh | JAS Networks Corp

This was the smoothest year yet out of the 7 or so years I’ve worked with Ratafia & Company, CPAs. The turn-around time for all our work throughout the year and our tax returns was absolutely excellent. Clarity and speed of communication is very important to me, and I am very pleased in that regard. I always get my questions answered within hours, if not minutes. I like that I am worked with closely throughout the year so my taxes are minimized and there are no surprises in March/April. I maintain 100% confidence and I recommend and will continue to recommend Ratafia & Co to others.
--Mark Murphy | Electric Labs, Inc.

The best way I can sum up the relationship with Ratafia & Co is like drinking a fine wine, very smooth… Trust and expertise is crucial, that's why we've been here over 10 years. It's always nice that someone answers the phone and is available. For me it’s all about the planning proactiveness; earlier is better than later, eliminates the disasters. Keep up the great work.
--Evan Lister | Global SourcingInternational, Ltd.

We have been working with Ratafia & Company since 1993. They have saved us many dollars, and always at our service. We highly recommend them to any person who wants to have his tax issues taken care of and/or resolved, and to have peace of mind where the IRS is concerned, which is at a price tag of Priceless!
--Deepak Dadlani | Pan Ocean International, Inc.

Years ago, as an Interior Designer Firm, with an international clientele, I had been looking for an all encompassing, full service, accounting firm to meet all of our needs. Over the years, as we have grown, we have watched Ratafia and Company grow as well. Over the fifteen-year period that we have been working together, Ratafia and Company has expanded its office and the services that they have offered. All the while, they have maintained their "personal" approach to doing business. Ratafia and Company has a very "proactive" way of working with their clients. Currently, I am receiving emails on a regular basis, with helpful, suggestive tips, on tax planning, and money saving tips, and other helpful reminders. Ratafia and Co. has been a flexible, growth-oriented firm, with a wide range of services and a vision to the future.
--Andrew Frank | Andrew Frank Interior Design

I work 24/7 in my business and tax pressures are not welcomed in my Clinic. For the past 13 years, the comfort of knowing that all aspects of my accounting and business affairs will be looked into by Ratafia & Co is very reassuring to me. The Ratafia team gets all the answers. I fully utilize Ratafia & company to deal with any notices that land on my desk. Whether I fax it to them, email it, or called them, I know it will be addressed in no time. I used to dread gathering all my information, but using the Ratafia system makes this task made easier. Quarterly reminders and emails are also helpful so I can stay on top of relevant issues. The Team and I work well together - friendly, ethical and very professional. The confidence I have and expertise displayed is unparalleled.
--Monique Geraud | Hairless NYC Clinic Inc

Ratafia & Co. has been an invaluable resource for us. Managing finances in the recording industry is an incredibly complex task, and one which Ratafia & Co. handle adroitly. Since 1996, they have overseen all aspects of our finances, including touring income, travel, royalties and taxes. We are all very lucky to have them working for us.
--Chris Collingwood | Fountains of Wayne, Inc.

Since I began working with Ratafia and Company in 1995 they have never failed to respond to my questions or request for advice competently and efficiently. I know my call will be taken or at worst returned within the hour on March 15th and even April 15th. I'm always reassured when I'm contacted with a suggestion that the numbers should be looked at and tax planning should be executed. Therefore, I've never been surprised by the tax return, good or bad. My only sarcastic suggestion would be to return my calls within 10 minutes all of the time, instead of most of the timeJ.
--Billy McCann | BFM Group, Inc

I just wanted to tell you what a joy it is to have you as our accountants. Not only are you great at keeping us financially up to date and "in the black"; your financial advice to us over the years has enabled us to live a better lifestyle and feel confident for the future not only for Elliot and myself, but for our children as well. In today's fast paced and impersonal world it is a pleasure to be associated with people who are so knowledgeable and have the personal touch you share. Thank you for a great first decade. Looking forward to many more.
--Terese Ventre | Terry Ventre Showroom, Inc

For the past 10 years we have always maintained a very strong level of confidence and trustworthiness with Ratafia & Company. This coupled with your technical abilities to service us in the way we need throughout the year is a welcomed approach and makes the relationship terrific.
--John McTigue | Chief Media, LLC

This is a great firm and the most important element is the availability of people to respond to your problems right away. Communication is excellent; for me, I prefer emails. Over the 5 years we have worked together, I have saved tens of thousands in taxes which I attribute to your great tax planning approach of working with me throughout the year so you can make suggestions for improving my taxes. I have no suggestions for improvement, it’s a perfect relationship.
--Harry Bond | Modern Pediatrics, Inc and HarBond Realty, Inc

This was a complicated year for us, buying out leases, building a new space, lawyers, etc...all in all it turned out fine, thanks in large part to Ratafia & Company. Even though this year was atypical for us, in the prior 10 years since we have worked with you, the timing of work completed was very efficient and the process has always been easy. I am very comfortable with your knowledge in our field and I have the utmost trust in your firm and you have always been available to answer any and all of my questions. Very happy client.
--Client prefers anonymity

The part we really appreciate about Ratafia & Co is their approach to ongoing tax planning services. The delivery of this part alone provides tremendous peace of mind that our taxes are minimized and that no surprises will pop up. Over the past 11 years, we have enjoyed an exceptional level of confidence with you. The service is very prompt, accurate and clear – plus you are always willing to get on the phone with us and talk through an issue or opportunity… appreciated!
--Eliot Colon | Miro Consulting, Inc.

Ratafia & Company CPAs has successfully and pleasantly guided us through 3 years of estate and personal tax matters, as well as business tax matters that involved a major restructuring of the original business into several LLC’s and an S-corporation. We have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and skill which has definitely made a potentially nightmarish experience much more bearable.
-- Robert Kaplan | Philip Kaplan Enterprises, Inc.

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